Introducing vim-refills

Hey fellow upcasers! :slightly_smiling:

I just created my first vim-plugin, vim-refills!

It allows you to use commands like :RefillNavigation within vim in order to trigger the refills commands that come along with the refills gem.

Anyway, I hope some find it useful :wink:

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Cool idea! This is a great first plugin.

I have two recommendations for things to do next: first, you might want to extract the common part of the repeated function calls so that you can call a function and just supply the part that changes with each instance.

Next, it might be helpful to document each of the calls, if only so that someone browsing the helpfile (thanks for adding one!) doesn’t forget about possible refills they could use.

Thanks @geoffharcourt, appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile:

I finally got around to this and improved the README, helpfile, and implementation. The helpfile now contains anchored links to each refill that you can open in your browser with gx.