Is there a good book about Heroku and Amazon EC2/S3 deployment?

Is there a good book about deployment to heroku and amazon servers? I mean I know about Deploying Rails by Anthony Burns and Tom Copeland but this book mostly goes over Vagrant and Puppet…
Also I realize that Heroku documentations is a great resource but examples there are not always something close to “reality” and very ofter lack solutions for real life deployment problems. In particualr I’m interested in gradual scaling and background workers/processes with resque and friends :slight_smile:
Do you guys have a piece of advice?


Have you looked through the Heroku Trail Map on Learn? I confess I haven’t gone through it yet, but it might offer some pointers.

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Ha! Thanks @pedromoreira ! Somehow I missed it completely!
Ok, I believe it would probably cover the heroku part.

Anything about AWS?

It’s easy to miss. I usually check trail maps on the iOS app and the Heroku one doesn’t appear on there.

As for AWS, I don’t really know any resources I can recommend, sorry :frowning: