When there isn't a Heroku add-on to help…

More a question of curiosity, when Thoughtbot requires a service that is not offered as a Heroku add-on and is really a more bespoke requirement for the particular project how do you deal with that?

I was most intrigued by the latest change to the learn exercises using your own git server implementation with gitolite. This is not offered by Heroku so I can only assume for this case you have no option but to manage your own server(s) and infrastructure?

I think that would be very hard to use and feel comfortable with if you are using a custom git implementation and it is not compatible with the rest of the worlds version of git. Especially with as common place as git is. Why would one use a custom implementation?

Which exercise uses this implementation of git?

@Jared_Smith I have slightly expanded the original post: “git server implementation” before they were using GitHub but now TB are using gitolite to provide a better experience for the exercises. My curiosity is regarding infrastructure because they advertise heavy use of Heroku for their projects I was curious if they developed or found a small “Gitolite as a service” or if they’ve had to resort to a “traditional” VPS approach due to the filesystem interactions required where everything is hosting in a more monolithic stack.

Oh my bad. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I probably should have consulted the almighty oracle Google before posting. LOL a simple search of “gitolite” revealed my ignorance.

I did some poking around looking at gitolite, and I don’t see anywhere that provides it as a service. Now I am curious as well.

Heroku is a good platform for deploying apps, but its not the right solution for everything.