Jquery File Upload and Paperclip Intergration


I am a complete noob so please bare with me. I have started developing my web app and I would like to create an upload system that allows for multiple file uploads and allows videos files to be uploaded.

I was able to successfully integrate Paperclip, however, I felt it was limited and didnt have the cool UI I wanted.

I found Jquery FIle Upload Gem which seems to do exactly what I want.

I have started the process of integrating them by trying to follow this example: https://github.com/tors/jquery-fileupload-rails-paperclip-example

I was hoping somebody could take a look at my code and help walk me through the steps I might need to take to get this done.

I know this requires a lot patience but I would be immensely grateful for your help.


Hi Adam,

I’ve tinkered with Jquery Fileupload before and found it inconsistent across browsers (I know it is widely used, so apparently the issues can be resolved). As an alternative, you may want to take a look at Filepicker (filepicker.io).

Yes, http://filepicker.io is good.

We also created a gem that could help you:


Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for your replies. Chad, is there an example of how jack_up looks? I love the slick UI of jQuery File Upload. If Jack_up is customizable that would be great too.


@dam4222 If you are uploading to S3 I suggest uploading files directly from the client to S3. This will prevent your server from blocking up.

FilePicker.io is a great option and if you want to roll out something of your own you can look at https://github.com/maxgillett/s3_multipart or http://blog.littleblimp.com/post/53942611764/direct-uploads-to-s3-with-rails-paperclip-and

Jack up doesn’t have styles, and is customizeable.