Webapp with Video uploading and viewing

I have a project for a client where I am going to be needing to allow users to upload videos. These will then be moderated and then visible/playable on the website. Can anyone give me some insights on how to best accomplish this.

I am thinking that I will use paperclip and be uploading to a S3 bucket. My biggest concerns are limiting the size/length of the videos and possibly having to transcode them. I know there are probably other concerns that will come up. If any of you have any experience/suggestions you can share I would appreciate it. Also please let me know if you see anything I am overlooking. Thanks in advance.

For transcoding purpose, you can you use Zencoder : http://zencoder.com/ they basically take your uploaded video straight from S3, transcode it and put it back in your S3 bucket.

As for the actual uploading, we used carrierwave-direct to allow the user to upload directly to S3 without going through our Rails server, but not 100% satisfied with Carrierwave …