Using Paperclip with Amazon S3


I’m using the paperclip gem along with the aws-sdk gem to upload images on a site hosted at heroku.

I have followed the instructions from

The images are uploading fine and it works, but I have noticed that there is a slight delay for each image and in the logs I’ve seen that each time an image is requested there seems to be some work on the server, ie

17:15:33 log.1   | [AWS S3 200 0.124315 0 retries] head_object(:bucket_name=>"my_bucket",:key=>"my_image_url")

I’ve found this issue on the paperclip repo

Which seems to relate, but I was wondering if there was a best practice for this, as it seems like it would be a common issue.

Do you recommend switching out the aws-sdk gem to use fog, even though the heroku docs recommend aws-sdk.

Thanks for any advice on this!