How are Upcase videos implemented


I’m working on a online tutorial application, and I was wondering how Thoughtbot implements it’s Upcase videos. What videoplayer are you guys using and how do you store the videos. Do you store them on AWS or are you using a video service like Wistia?

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We use Wistia. What’s more, as a member of Upcase you have access to all of the source code to Upcase itself, so you can look at how we’ve done it GitHub - thoughtbot/upcase: Sharpen your programming skills..


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Thanks, but the link you post here, its response is 404 :frowning:

@kenshinji, for me the link is working,

It’s weird, I can’t access the repo, do I have to bind my GitHub account to Upcase so that I can access it?

@kenshinji You can request access to the Upcase repository (and others!) on this page: Upcase by thoughtbot | Learn Web Development Online

Thank you, it works :slight_smile: