Less Painful Heroku Deploys

First of all, can’t believe I didn’t know about parity. I can now delete a whole slew of shell aliases I was using.

I had a question about Heroku deploys. I have noticed recently that sometimes when I upgrade a client to multiple web dynos for launch that changes are sometimes not reflected on the web for as much as five or six minutes after the push completes. Even if I run heroku restart, the old HTML from my templates often persists. When I look at the logs, I can clearly see the restart activity going on. Is this Heroku trying to keep dynos alive (akin to Apache undergoing a “polite” vs. “impolite” restart), so that users in the middle of actions can complete those actions? I have only started to notice this behavior in the last couple months, but it happens on multiple applications that have multiple web dynos.