Let's create beautiful code and learn together!

Hello Learn guys,

I have an idea for Ruby project which we can build together, have fun and learn something!

I’ve already wrote the article about it on my blog so I would be very glad if you can check it and give me some feedback about it. Here it is: http://rubybeginner.com/lets-write-some-beautiful-code-together.html

@benorenstein I knew that you wanted to create some learning group. Do you think that this is something what can be interesting for that group? However I would not limit it just for learn subscribers so I am not sure.

Anyway I will be happy for any feedback! Also please help me spread the word.

Many thanks

For anyone interested, here you can find the repo: https://github.com/mrhead/ruby_arena

It is already possible to start a battle between the robots, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Also code is not as beautiful as I would like to have it. So any feedback or help is welcome.

Hi @patrikbona, cheers to you for putting this idea together. I’m too busy to participate but admire your ambition to see this happen. Codewars is an additional resource you might want to check into for recruiting people to participate. Also, #ruby and #rubyonrails on Freenode.

Good luck and happy holidays. :smile:

Quick and dirty demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz5gu5PDWZU

Come on, write your own robot too! :wink:

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Cool @patrikbona. I really like the idea that you are creating an api for the game. How can I join in?

Just check the github repo for the game: https://github.com/mrhead/ruby_arena

Basically you need to clone the repo and then you can run it with your (or some others) robots.

Plan for the future is to create the gem, so you just install it and you are ready.

See the how to directly on the github and if you have any question just contact me (here).

I know, I know. This is again just a self promo, but ruby_arena is now available as a ruby gem too: https://rubygems.org/gems/ruby_arena

If you want to have more information about it then do not hesitate to contact me.

Cool man. Even i have one. Published a month back and have 1000 downloads :). Not sure if that counts