Looking for a Rails Dev with strong JS experience

I am working on a project with a client, and we need a strong Rubyist with strong JS experience.

It is a freelancing opportunity and only remote. You need to have strong communication skills, along with JS & Rail and Ruby.

A very, very important characteristic though is you need to take pride in your work and you need to be able to remove yourself from your work. If you take constructive criticism of your work personally, this gig is NOT for you. If you love explaining your approach and defending your positions (in an aim to ensure that the best decisions for the project are made) then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

You can either reply to this with your contact info, or you can reach out to me directly at marc dot gayle at gmail, with the subject line: “Rails dev with strong JS experience”.


I’ve moved this to our new Jobs category.

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Thanks much!