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Managing Windows in Vim | Upcase

(Upcase ) #1
In this episode, Ben shows you how to use vim's windows to efficiently edit code. Commands mentioned: :h windows get general help on windows :h CTRL-w list all window-related commands :sp split horizontally :vsp split vertically C-w cycle throu...
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(Cyle Hunter) #2

Ubuntu workspace > terminal > tmux window > split tmux pane > vim > vim tab > vim split window. I need a plugin that cues the Inception theme every time I go deeper.

(Curtis Ekstrom) #3

An even shorter way to open the split of your test when using Rails.vim: :AV

Translation: open the associated file in a vertical split.

(Andy Waite) #4

@clekstro and with vim-projectionist you can have that in non-Rails projects too.

(Glenn Espinosa) #5

thoughts on NERDtree? it’s been very helpful IMO

(arpit arpit) #6

Vimfiler is way better than NerdTree.

(Juan Carlos Camejo) #7

Hi! thanks for video on this matter, has been helpful.

What’s the best way to manage a shell inside a vim window, should i download some other vim plugin or vim already has something integrated to it. I’ve tried some plugins like Conque but sometimes they are not working 100% correctly.

Thanks in advance.