Managing Windows in Vim | Upcase

In this episode, Ben shows you how to use vim's windows to efficiently edit code. Commands mentioned: :h windows get general help on windows :h CTRL-w list all window-related commands :sp split horizontally :vsp split vertically C-w cycle throu...
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Ubuntu workspace > terminal > tmux window > split tmux pane > vim > vim tab > vim split window. I need a plugin that cues the Inception theme every time I go deeper.

An even shorter way to open the split of your test when using Rails.vim: :AV

Translation: open the associated file in a vertical split.

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@clekstro and with vim-projectionist you can have that in non-Rails projects too.

thoughts on NERDtree? it’s been very helpful IMO

Vimfiler is way better than NerdTree.

Hi! thanks for video on this matter, has been helpful.

What’s the best way to manage a shell inside a vim window, should i download some other vim plugin or vim already has something integrated to it. I’ve tried some plugins like Conque but sometimes they are not working 100% correctly.

Thanks in advance.