Memory issues

Hey guys,

I have an app running on puma with two background processes and one web process. It’s hosted in Heroku.

Apparently, I have a memory leak. both background processes and the web process get a memory quota exceeded error.

I tried using Oink but it’s just showing me web data. I couldn’t find a truly good tutorial on how to find the place where I have a memory issue and solve it.

Has anyone faced this before and successfully fixed this?



Hey Ran! Just to be completely certain, you’ve tried following the steps presented in this article, right?

I had a similar issue on my Sinatra app running on Puma. After lots of research, the big consensus was “memory issues are very difficult to track down”. I instead implemented GitHub - kzk/unicorn-worker-killer: Automatically restart Unicorn workers based on 1) max number of requests and 2) max memory, which did the job. Hope this helps!