Missing some test coverage in app1

My test coverage for the end of the app1 workshop shows 60% test coverage for the completions_controller and I can’t find the difference to explain why Josh gets 100% when he runs it. I’ve gone over much fo the video and can’t find what I’m missing.

Is there a way to get the finished project so that I can do a diff and find out what I missed? I’d like to see how this was tested.

I’m actually wondering if there’s something else going on. The code is:

  def create
    todo = current_user.todos.find(params[:todo_id])
    todo.touch :completed_at
    redirect_to todos_path

and SimpleCov reports that the first line of this method has been tested, but not the last two. That makes no sense to me as the first line is a smple sequential statement and should fall right through to the last two. The app does what’s expected in the browser, too. [Edited to format code better]

Sorry you’re having trouble with this.

@joshclayton is teaching a workshop today, but I suspect he’ll be able to help you with this tomorrow.

Hang tight!

Thanks… Is there a chance to get the finished class project as Josn worked it – that way I can compare mine and see what I’m missing. Excellent program; thanks!

Not sure, but that’s definitely something we should give you access to.

I’ll make a note to get it added to the workshop page.

I know it doesn’t solve your problem now, but hopefully @joshclayton can help next week.

Thanks. Certainly not a big issue; I just hate to leave without understanding what I did wrong.

@JESii I just ran this locally and am seeing 100% code coverage when running rake. Are you running the full rake command when you’re generating coverage or just rspec path/to/file? If you run the rspec command, you’ll not get an accurate representation of your coverage because you’re only running a subsection of your entire application, whereas rake will run the entire RSpec suite.

Thanks, Josh… that must have been the problem because now I get 100%.