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New one-hour TDD screencast

(Ben Orenstein) #1

Hey there!

Remember when I issued that programming challenge a month ago? (This one).

Well, I convinced @jferris to tackle it, so you could watch an experienced TDD practitioner at work.

Watch the screencast.

(Dave West) #5

What other awesome screencasts are hiding in the Learn account on Wistia? Great video! Especially after attempting the challenge myself. Thanks for the link Ben.

(Matthew Sumner) #6

This was awesome. Loads of insight into TDD.

Also I am having a good life!

(Matthew Sumner) #7

@benorenstein at the end of this video you said you’d approach from the start testing that there is a command line program that can be run. Any chance you could give an example? I’m not sure how you’d ask rspec to run a file and test the output.