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Other approaches to redirect user to their dashboard on sign in

(Dwayne R. Crooks) #1

In part 1, around 18:35 in the video, you mentioned that there are a couple of approaches to having the user redirected to their dashboard on sign in. Then, you went on to show one of the approaches. The way you said it made me think we were going to cover other approaches in the video.

Is it possible for you to elaborate on the other approaches here, giving the pros and cons of each?

(Pedro Nascimento) #2

Here are some examples: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8640326/redirect-user-after-log-in-only-if-its-on-root-path

(Dwayne R. Crooks) #3

The answer that got accepted in the Stack Overflow question seems like a really neat approach. Thanks for your help.