Too many redirects

While following this tutorial, Part 1 | Online Video Tutorial by thoughtbot , I had this error on my browser too many redirects, localhost is redirecting too many timesI guessed its because of the before_filter :check_if_logged_in_user? in my ApplicationsController. So I moved this to the HomesController and left the check_if_user_logged_in method in the ApplicationsController it worked well. Using rails 5, this is what I have currently.

  include Monban::ControllerHelpers 
  protect_from_forgery with: :exception 

  def check_if_logged_in_user 
     redirect_to dashboard_path if signed_in?
end ```

```class HomesController < ApplicationController 
   before_action :check_if_logged_in_user 
end  ```

My question is:
1. Am I doing it the right way?
2. Why was the initial approach not working?
Thanks in anticipation.