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Great Video! What is Upcase and Thoughbots recommendations for an auto-complete plugin for Java, Javascript, C, Python and Rails.

Figured this out ages ago but just saw the notification about replying… it was caused by having settings to strip white space at the end of lines on save and auto saving. If I was typing but the autosave kicked in, it would kick my cursor back to the beginning of a line. I had to change the autosaving timing.

Hey guys! Thanks for this VIM trail. After watching your videos, I have decided to jump into using vim at least for an hour every day for a month and see. I can say that after a few days, things just come up to my mind even without thinking. Awesome!

However, now that I trying to do more and more, I am missing an episode where you explain how to create snippets for creating basic stuff we use every day like: classes, test function and so on.

Again, thanks for these videos

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the trail, @estringana. We might add some content around snippets in the future, but in the meantime I’d recommend checking out UltiSnips. I use and enjoy it, and even better, there are three screencasts on vimcast about it.

Thanks for making this Vim course! It’s been extremely helpful in learning my way around Vim.

I did notice a small error in the reference text for this lesson:
When using the CtrlP plugin, the keybinding for opening a file in a new split is , not .
This is shown in the documentation for CtrlP here: https://github.com/ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim/blob/master/readme.md#once-ctrlp-is-open


**When using the CtrlP plugin, the keybinding for opening a file in a new split is Ctrl-X, not Ctrl-S.