Possible to get the code for creating the oauth integration for this board

I’ve been following the progression of discourse and was wondering if it was possible to get the code for implementing OAuth for discourse. It’s something I’ve thought about doing but don’t have much experience with the gems in question. The board is open-source after all :wink:


That would be super-fantastic. My app currently uses GitHub - codezomb/forum_monster: A Rails 3 Forum Generator (not an engine). This gives single sign-on, but the system is pretty basic. I’ve also tried Forem (engine) several times. Better integration, but the forum interaction suffers from all the problems of “80’s forum software” – the stuff that Jeff Atwood talked about solving on a recent episode of The Changelog.

Discourse looks and works so much better. I’m ready to switch once I can share login info.

I think we might be able to do that. Let me confirm and get back to you.

By the way, our long term plan is to contribute our code back to Discourse, but we wanted to be sure we were actually going to use it first.


Thx Ben, I think that would be a huge plus for discourse project as several people have requested it. I suspect there’s probably a bit of custom stuff for handling how thoughtbot does it so not sure if it would be full PR to the code or maybe a gist / screencast. I think it would be great PR (public relations not pull request) for thoughtbot Prime too.

@benorenstein wanted to see if any update on this? I think it would be a huge plus for discourse community!

Yes, actually. We’ve decided to open-source our code.

There’s one blocker, which is us getting on the latest version of Discourse before we release. I hope to tackle that next Friday.

Thanks for the reminder!

thx for update - would have asked you in AMA about it :slight_smile:

No problem.

Still hoping to get this out soon, but the time I’d hoped to spend on Friday is rapidly getting filled up. It may be another week or two. Sorry!

Ok :frowning:

would be great to get out to the community.

The good news is that the Discourse team are now all Prime members!

We’re going to be sharing the details of our changes with them. They seem open to feeding stuff back into master so that hacks like ours won’t be necessary in the future.

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Thx @benorenstein and @cpytel Great to hear! IMHO, a solid OAuth integration would be the biggest PR for Discourse in terms of user appreciation.

I am also interested in this implementation. From what I can see it looks like you are using the doorkeeper gem as a provider.

I also found this thread on discourse that seems to outline the oauth integration on the discourse side Login to Discourse with custom Oauth2 provider - feature - Discourse Meta