Problems with sunspot gems after installing and bundling

After installing the two sunspot gems towards the end of the last video where Matt runs the command, Shout.reindex in the rails console, I could not get this part to work for me. This is the error I keep getting and I have NO clue how to fix it so it will work for me.

irb(main):005:0> Shout.reindex
SOLR Request (2.4ms) [ path=update parameters={} ]
RSolr::Error::Http: RSolr::Error::Http - 404 Not Found
Error: Not Found

@Jacqueline I just wanted to follow up on this so that this post didn’t go unanswered.

We spent a lot of time on this in office hours today and weren’t able to resolve it. We were able to verify that everything seemed to be asset up properly, that the server was attempting to be started and that Jetty was running on the proper port, but that sold appeared not to be running.

If you do manage to resolve th problem on your own, please do follow up here to post what the resolution was in case anyone else hits it (though no one else has, as afar as we know).

thanks again for your patience,

@cpytel Yes, this indeed is one of those coder mysteries. I saw that on Github, the Ubuntu community, and Stack, many other devs ran into the same or similar problems. There is one solution left that I just found that I have not yet tried as of the time of this post. If it works, I will follow up in both an email and a post here outlining the steps in detail (it is a rather complicated-looking solution) so that other devs using Debian-based Linux computers will hopefully be spared the 27 hours of frustration that I experienced with it.

And since Mac OS are also Unix-based like Linux, if I’m not mistaken, it may help the Mac users as well.

If this last potential solution fails to work, I won’t post about it. I’ll just file this quirk under “concerns/nonsolvable_in_polynomial_deterministic_time.rb” :smile: