TDD workshop versioning issues, anyone else?

Everything was going swimmingly with the TDD workshop until he asked us to install the factory_girl_rails gem and run bundle. This never worked for me so I was wondering if anyone else had issues?

I actually made a post on Stack Overflow about it:

That’s weird.

Based on the information you posted on Stack Overflow, it seems like there might be an ssl problem somewhere. I’d try running rvm osx-ssl-certs update all in your terminal, and trying again.

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Do you know if you were behind a proxy server, perhaps in a corporate network?

Yes, it does seem like it is an ssl problem but when I ran ‘rvm osx-ssl-certs update all’ it said I was up to date.

Maybe I am behind a proxy server? Working in a cafe today. Have worked here in the past without these issues, but it’s possible they’ve changed something. Will try to go to another place :frowning:

That’s probably it.

DOH! Yes moved to another place and now it’s fine. Well I am learning a lot today, just not what I set out to learn! :smiley:

A quick fix for this is to change the source in your Gemfile from source '' to source ''