Workshops in Rails 4 and Workshop Wish List

Is there a timeline on when the workshops will be updated to Rails 4? I know that takes a ton of work, but it would seem like the 3.2 workshops are getting a bit long in the tooth. I remember back when 3.2 was out I walked uphill in the snow to school both ways.

As an exercise though, I’m doing the Intermediate Rails Workshop but doing it in Rails 4. However, it would be great to be able to see The Thoughtbot Way when it comes to Rails 4 apps. Specifically things like Strong Params, etc.

If I were to vote, I would hope the Intermediate Rails and the TDD workshop could be Rails 4ified at some point.

As another wish-list item, I’d love to see an advanced Rails workshop dealing with things like API design, testing, versioning (and token auth, etc.) Even getting into multi-tenancy, Saas-type stuff might be cool. Or perhaps something dealing with Service Oriented Design or enterprise-type applications. Also, using things like sidekiq, Redis, Puma and similar things… I’m just throwing stuff out there, but you get the idea.

A weekly iteration on a security-related topic would also be worthy of praise and adoration!

And finally, I would also love a Front-End workshop – not just design principles as in the existing Design workshop, but in Using Sass, Neat, Bourbon, Bitters, etc perhaps with a healthy amount of jQuery thrown into the mix as well. I’m pretty terrible at the front-end and I would love a fundamentals workshop (perhaps an intro and then intermediate level course.)

Anyway, thanks for listening!

Brian Dear


Brian, we agree that while the core is still solid, the workshops are getting out of date and we are working to update them. I can’t share a specific timeframe because of the amount of work involved.

Thanks for your thoughts on additional workshops. I think we’ve determined that Workshops don’t work as well for more advanced topics because everyone brings their individual thoughts and concerns. Instead, it’s likely we’ll cover more advanced topics in more digestible formats that are unique to each thing we’re trying to present: a weekly iteration, a screencast, book, or exercise.