When are new workshops coming

Are there any new workshops in the works? If so can you guys give a hint on what the content will be?

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On the most recent podcast Ben mentioned that they are currently updating the rails workshops to ruby 2 and rails 4 and working on some new javascript framework workshops.


I’m definitely interested in new workshops as well and wondering when they will start arriving. Those classes were one of the main reasons I joined Learn and I’m hoping they’ll show up soon!

Can’t wait for the Best Practices for Front End Development workshop. Neat and Bourbon are really interesting framweworks, but if you’re used to CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation, using Neat and Bourbon can be a bit overwhelming.

By this I mean how to structure you’re project, like where to put the .css and .scss files, how to name files, etc …

Also a lot of things one takes for granted in a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation, one needs to build from scratch with Bourbon and Neat, like for instance a responsive and ‘sticky’ menu bar.

So I’m really looking forward to that one.