Best Practices for Front End Development

Hi, wouldn’t there start a work ‘Best Practices for Front End Development’ on fri 11/8/2013?
When I visit there is nothing there.

I’m really looking forward to start using Neat and Bourbon



so this workshop is cancelled?

It seems a bit odd, announcing a workshop, putting contact information on the page, and then, when I do ask a question about it, not responding and removing the contact information from the page.

Hey Anthony,

I’m sorry you didn’t get a response here! I must have missed your post.

The workshop was not cancelled. It ran last Friday and this one. I’m not sure why you weren’t able to access it.

I’m going to get you added to the mailing list so you can get notifications and attend the remaining sessions.


Hi Ben, my mistake. My mailbox had passed it’s quota. That’s the reason I didn’t get the mails from Lisa and Lydia.