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Workshop on creating websites with Bourbon Neat

(Acandael Acandael) #1

Hi, I’m just curious if there is a workshop on Front End Development in the pipeline. A while ago there was a workshop ‘Best Practices for Front End Development’, but the video tutorials never got published.

This is still a pitty I think, as Bourbon Neat is such an awesome framework and my goto framework at the moment for developing responsive websites (see my latest project: http://guarded-garden-4334.herokuapp.com/ )

So I really still hope, one day there will be a workshop with video tutorials on Best Practices for Front End Development, that learns us best practices on how to develop responsive websites using Bourbon Neat.



(Ben Orenstein) #2

I like this idea, and you’re very much not the first person to ask for it.

We’re also in the unique position of having @Phil_LaPier, the author of Bourbon, here in the office. I’ll talk to him about it.

(Acandael Acandael) #3

Thanks Ben, that would be so cool!



(Arif Hossain) #4

Hi Anthony,
Can you please give your github repo url so that i can check how did you use these gems? I’m bit confused on using Refills codes!!!


(Acandael Acandael) #5

Hi Arif,


This is the latest project I did, it’s a static website build with Middleman, Bourbon, Neat and Refills:

If you want to see a Ruby on Rails project I build with Bourbon, Neat, Refills:



(Arif Hossain) #6

Thanks a lot