Hiring - Need developer this week to help with Bourbon front-end

My fintech startup is getting ready for a competitive competition in Tokyo next week, where we’ll be presenting our site to the former PM of Japan and the former CEO of Deutsche.

My co-founders (MIT alums) and I have been extremely obsessed with the quality of our website, but time is of the essence. With that said, we’re looking for a fellow Upcase member who is interested in helping us finish the front-end of our Rails 5 website with Bourbon.

We’re open to both a long-term or short-term role, and are willing to offer a competitive hourly rate for someone that can start right away.

Hey @ACPK, it’s likely that we have a thoughtbot person very experienced with Bourbon available. Get in touch with with me at chad@thoughtbot.com if you’re interested.

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Hi @ACPK, I’m a Rails contractor / consultant with experience using Bourbon and Neat. Frankly, I probably don’t have the same experience that a thoughtbot employee would, but I’m meticulous and have both used Bourbon in production apps (mostly mobile web applications) and taught Bourbon and Neat at a code school. I’m available immediately for short-term work, feel free to reach out to me at jacob@jacobsmith.io.

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