Javascript/coffeescript content on upcase?

So I saw thoughtbot is offering an emberjs workshop.

Is there any plan to add more javascript/coffeescript and emberJS content to upcase? Specifically exercises and video tutorials for it?

I know there have been a few weekly intterations where we see a glimpse of js development. But it would be cool to see more of that.


I’d like to see more js content, too, although I don’t really have many suggestions for what to cover.

Maybe some more testing content or a talk about what sort of things factor into choosing to build an app’s frontend in ember/angular/whatever vs just rails + jquery.

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+1 on this thread. Would love an intro and an Angular/Ember track.

Same here. I would love to see more javascript stuff on upcase. Am just about getting my feet wet with Ember & React; would appreciate a companion training material to support my learning.

I would love to see an Ember trail - now that they have hit >1.0 hopefully any resources you create won’t go out of date too quickly.

I’m a beginner too in JS, and I think the way they did Intro to Ruby on Rails → Intermediate Ruby on Rails is a good model, maybe something like, Intro to Ember [Where it teaches some beginner javascript too].

Agreed! @benorenstein @jferris @cpytel, Is this stuff in the works? Would love to know if its on the roadmap. :smile:

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This is a awesome idea! We’ll keep you posted as we work out some content.

Hey everyone, I’ll be running the Beginning Ember.js workshop here in Boston.

You can register here if you’re interested. Don’t forget that your subscription gets you 50% off!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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any plans to have a second workshop later? I’d love to go but won’t be back in Boston til may

@evan if we consider the workshop a success (it’s beneficial to those taking it and we enjoyed giving it) I’m certain we’ll do it again. @blakewilliams has some great content lined up so I’m sure we’ll end up running another one in the future.

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Yeah, more JS content would be awesome. Any plans for workshops in NYC?