Upcoming trails

The following trails are in the final stages and should be published soon (in a yet-to-be-determined order):

  • Ruby Challenges. These are somewhat difficult, open-ended problems that will stretch your problem-solving and algorithmic abilities.
  • Ember Fundamentals.
  • Haskell Monads.
  • An Introduction to SQL.

How’s that list look?

What else are you hoping to learn?


the OOP patterns stuff I mentioned on the AMA would be cool. Like when to use a facade /etc or which GoF patterns just aren’t that useful in typical rails settings.

The SQL stuff will be great, there used to be a database resource back when Upcase was Learn with a database reading list. Is that still around somewhere? I went looking for it the other day.


All the old trails live here: GitHub - thoughtbot/trail-map: Trails to help designers and developers learn various topics.

[quote=“benorenstein, post:1, topic:4310”]
How’s that list look?

What else are you hoping to learn?
[/quote] Looks good. Is there any room for:

  1. Golang
  2. Building single page javascript applications (if the Ember fundamentals isn’t too close to this topic)

I think the Ember trail will cover 2 fairly well. I’ll make a note that you’re interested in Golang.

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I love the concept of the Ruby Challenges. I think this will be a great addition to Upcase!

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Hey @benorenstein , I just started reading Metaprogramming Ruby 2 and am flat out smitten with the concepts it presents. I would love hearing the thoughtbot take on the subject at some point.

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+1 on them monads.

Anything regarding web development in Haskell would be wonderful.

Love the intro to SQL trail.

the great thing about frameworks like rails is that they have an ORM that abstract the gnarly parts of SQL, but I’m excited to see something that teaches about n+1 queries, eager loading etc. to better understand how to optimize queries.