Rails Fundamentals - Interpolate Data in a View

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Are we supposed to use the all method? As in GuesbookEntry.all ? I think it’s deprecated. I ended up using GuestbookEntry.order(‘created_at DESC’), but that’s an ordered result right? And we’re supposed to display an unordered list. Is there a method we are supposed to use that is not deprecated in Rails 4 and unordered?

Why do you think all is deprecated?


The unordered list part simply refers to the welcome.html.erb’s <ul></ul>

Sorry I missed your reply till now. You’re right ‘.all’ does work in Rails 4. I can’t get my error message any more, but I remember it was very similar to this stack overflow question. Rails 4 Relation#all deprecation - Stack Overflow
Anyhow, thanks for replying, sorry I can’t make the error show up again.