Rails Fundamentals - Route, Controller, and Action

This topic is for the [Route, Controller, and Action][] exercise in the [Rails Fundamentals][] trail. Post any questions, corrections, or pointers you have to share with other Upcase subscribers.
[Route, Controller, and Action]: https://exercises.upcase.com/exercises/route-controller-and-action
[Rails Fundamentals]: https://thoughtbot.com/upcase/rails-fundamentals

Just as a general guide - is the task here to (1) achieve the goal, (2) make the tests pass or (3) follow the instructions?

I followed the instructions and the tests pass but I’m not comfortable with the code.

If the task is to achieve the goal then I’d alter the tests first, then make them pass with code I felt better about.

This may be very nit-picky however if I was in a team situation and I was tasked to write a feature and it already had some failing tests would it be considered bad form of me to change the tests first to better clarify the feature?

Ideally all three are the same. Sounds like they’re not on this exercise though. :frowning:

I’ll take a look and see if we can improve it.