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In this screencast, Ben and Chris go back to basics and tackle the first exercise in the Rails Fundamentals trail, "Route, Controller, Action". They create a route, controller, and action using TDD to tell them what to write next.
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@benorenstein I saw you run spec and if it failed it will show in quickfix window, so how do we get it setup?

@samnang Looks like he’s using this plugin:

You can check out Ben’s .vimrc on GitHub here. He’s using Tim Pope’s Dispatch plugin together with thoughtbot’s vim-rspec plugin.

With the example mappings provided, you press leader-t with a spec open, it will RunCurrentSpecFile() , and finally open the quickfix window with the results. Remember to add let g:rspec_command = "Dispatch bin/rspec {spec}" to your .vimrc

Hope this helps!

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