Ruby Science: Extract Method

Melissa joins Joe to discuss a basic refactoring technique: Extract Method. Follow along as Melissa applies this refactoring live to an example from Ruby Science. After watching, you can refine your refactoring techniques using our refactoring tra...
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Great episode, thanks!
Can you tell me if the repo is available for the survey/question sample app you are working on? I would love to look at it to see how you are setting up the surveys.

@melissaxie Did that repo get pushed anywhere?

If not, can we do so and make it public? (Or at least accessible to the upcase-subscribers team)?

When that’s done, can you please post a link here and in the show notes?


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The app that we’re working with in our Ruby Science episodes is a part of the book. I’m not sure if we can just make that part public, but I recommend that you at least check this book out for now.

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@melissaxie this way that you run spec without leave the vim is a plugin?

There are numerous ways in which you could run a spec without leaving Vim. My specific setup use:

  • tmux for managing split views in the terminal,
  • vimux to interact with tmux from vim; and
  • turbux for running my tests in tmux from vim.

This might be an overly-complicated setup though.

I don’t recall what other tools are out there that allow you to have a similar setup, but I do recommend trying out vim-rspec at least.