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Contributing To Open Source, Step-By-Step

(Upcase ) #1
In this episode, Ben and Joe extract a matcher written in a project and create a pull request to include it in shoulda-matchers. Check out the pull request
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(Dan Croak) #2

We have two sections in our Open Source Protocol:

  • Accepting a GitHub Pull Request
  • Releasing a Ruby Gem

(Gus) #3

Hey guys, I’ve noticed Joe’s tests are running on his split pane rather than on top of the vim pane – How do you manage to do that? vim-rspec outputs the results of my tests on top of vim, if using dispatch then they are output to the quick fix window.

(Geoff Harcourt) #4

You can do this with tmux and slime, which can execute the tests in a tmux split other than your current window. Joe doesn’t use tmux, so I suspect this is the output of using Macvim and a vim-rspec custom runner.

(Gus) #5

Thanks geoff, you are right, Joe is using an iTerm split.

There are a quite a few forks of tslime around so I ended up replacing dispatch+vim-rspec with vimux and a couple of custom functions.