Run only describe block examples from Vim?

Hi there,

I’m using Vim/tmux and running my Rspec examples with tslime as explained in Thoughtbot’s blog post on the subject. As best I can tell from the documentation, vim-rspec exposes only four methods: RunCurrentSpecFile(), RunNearestSpec(), RunLastSpec(), RunAllSpecs(). Is there a way I can run only the examples within a describe or context block? In Sublime Text using RubyTest, this was possible by running the RubyTest equivalent of RunNearestSpec() with the cursor positioned on the describe/context block definition line.

Thanks in advance for the help!

OK, false alarm. Turns out that RunNearestSpec() does run the describe block when the cursor is on the definition line. I didn’t notice that when I first tried it, the describe block I was on only had a single example in it. :slight_smile: My bad. Sorry for the confusion.