Scaling a website

Getting a product to be ready is fine but when you have a thousand users using your website at the same time going to be an issue

The basic reason we are into rails and product development is to that one day we can have a product that gets a million users at the same time
Should we be ready for that :slight_smile:

So how do you start achitecting so tht scalling is done from the start.

By using different instances? One for database, one for application server? Is this approach the best?

Beyond extremely basic things like making sure your database tables have indices, I pretty much ignore this entirely until I have real data that shows that thereโ€™s a performance problem (like NewRelic traces).

Trying to guess what your bottlenecks will be is usually premature optimization.

One exception to this is if Iโ€™m deploying a new service into an already-busy environment. In that case, Iโ€™d probably do a bit of load testing using ab (apache benchmarking tool).

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