Screen size for a productive programmer?

I noticed that in the screencasts, developers at thoughtbot are using iMac. I am using 15" macbook pro at work. Do you think larger iMacs are best for productivity?

Also what is the approx ratio of windows:linux:mac at thoughtbot and which is the most productive machine for a programmer?

I understand these are not technical questions but I see them as important to understand what tools a good company uses.

37signals cofounders Jason Fried and David Hanson (the inventor or Rails) do everything on 11inch Macbook Airs. At one of my old jobs I had 2 27in displays. Display size makes zero difference. My latest machine is a 13inch. The only exception, at least from my perspective is that I prefer large screens when I’m doing design work, but that’s by no means a requirement. Tools don’t matter as much as learning to use what you have.

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I’m personally much happier with a large external monitor hooked up to my laptop. Try different setups and see what makes you happy and productive.

My laptop (Thinkpad) is 13" but always docked when at my home office with a 27" screen mostly so I can use a real mouse and keyboard with 10-key, F-keys and good arrows. Most smaller laptops have compromised keyboards. I’m a heavy keyboard shortcut user for efficiency.

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