Setup laptop following the manual steps from machine setup documentation

I have a new macbook and I transferred the files from my old laptop to my new laptop. Now my environment is not working. I am getting a padding check failed error. I think I need to start over with my new laptop’s environment and setup my laptop using the machine setup documentation.

How do I start with this project?

A) How do I backup my files before I start?

B) Should I un-install all the software first? Which software must I un-install first?

Here are the outline of the steps I must follow.

  1. Install Apple Core Tools
  2. Brew the basics
  3. Ruby Management
  4. Setting up Git and Gemserver access.
  5. Setting up TechTeam Repos
  6. Some TechTeam environment settings
  7. Installing Pow (and Anvil for Mac)
  8. Configure /etc/hosts (not necessary if using pow)
  9. Setting up MySQL
  10. Configuring the TechTeam Rails applications to run properly
  11. Generate GPG keys
  12. Get Fancy

I’m not sure that you need to set everything up from scratch again. The “padding check failed error” seems to be from openssl. I think you might try to uninstall and reinstall openssl and then the openssl gems as well.

That way you can avoid reinstalling everything.

Ok. Very Interesting! I will try that.