Should we make the upcase forum non-indexable by Google?

I was searching Google today and found this post and was able to view it without logging in. Usually when I’ve join paid forums in the past, they’ve always been private, so this surprised me and I wasn’t sure if was that way because someone didn’t flip a switch or it was intentional.

It seems like it can be:

Do you mean the entire forum is private? That is supported in two settings:

password on site
moderator must approve all users
There are of course PMs and group PMs already built in.
If you mean only certain categories are private, that’s not implemented yet.

Source: Jeff Atwood reply

Keeping it open seems like a good way to market Upcase, since you need to be a subscriber to post.

And as a subscriber, I much prefer that my contributions are public rather than locked away in a walled garden.

Yes, the forum is intentionally publicly readable, but can only be posted to by subscribers.

Great, good to know, thank you.