Sketches: demo site for webrc project


here it is:


@kylefiedler do you think it is good start? :smile:

@wik it looks like you are heading in the right direction. The only thing I would say is that they all seem very similar. Is there one layout that breaks away from the rest? Something that maybe seems like a terrible idea? I’ve found that these sketches sometimes turn into some of my best ideas.

What is this design for?

It is for the demo site I posted brief here:

Well, I identified the key parts of the site and then tried different compositions based on what I learned from the workshop’s video, i.e. 3 or 4 columns layouts and emphasis ideas you shared. Yes, looks similar, probably because I’m focused on addressing single problem. Do you’ve any tips for breaking it away from the rest?

Current demo looks terrible, applying just few design principles would make it much nicer IMHO.

@wik Yea didn’t see the design brief till after I saw this.

A couple of immediate thoughts:

  • Right now you have what seems like a really strong hierarchy, try toning down the emphasis of the video and playing up some of the others
  • Use different content to get across the same point. Maybe some introduction text.
  • Is the video / qr / mobile screenshot enough to get across the idea of the app?

Again not really great ideas but something might come of pushing it a little further. Its just a suggestion and something that I regularly do. You’ve done a bunch of sketches which is really good.