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Techniques to avoid duplication on ruby code

(Jaison Erick) #1


I’m doing the ruby trail and trying to create the cleaner code I can. I often try to create different classes for any “concepts” that I see, but this frequently leads to code duplication.

Let me show an example. Here I’m trying to solve the Poker Winner Hand problem. I write one class for each possible play (full house, straight, etc.) and each class has two specific methods: the spaceship operator (<=>) and a self.match? that answers if a given set of cards match with that specific play.

class Straight
  def self.match?(hand)
    # Checks if this hand is a sequence
  def <=>(hand)
    # Figure out which hand is the better

As you may be wondering, the straight class checks for the higher card, the second high card, and so forth to break a tie, and so do the flush class. The same duplication happen with the pair, trips and quads games.

I’m trying to remove the duplications here, but when I extract methods, create super classes or anything else, it seems that the code become less clear. Right now I can just read the Straight class and see what it does. The same happens to the Flush class, even though the code looks alike. Any thoughts?

(Andy Waite) #2

The critical thing is to use good names. If you name a method well, then you shouldn’t need to look at its implementation to know what its does.