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Tmux pane keyboard pains

(Jon Seidel) #1

I have one tmux window, two panes: vim above, terminal below. When I type something in vim (like jjj to move down 3 lines), those j’s appear in the terminal window. Same thing happens in the other direction. It’s happened several times, but I have yet to figure out the cause. Any idea as to what’s going on?

(Derek Prior) #2

Do you have pane selection via mouse turned on? Are you maybe clicking into the terminal pane by accident?

(Jon Seidel) #3

I do have mouse on, Derek, but when this happens, I see activity in both panes; i.e., I’m in the vim page and ‘jjj’ moves the cursor down while the j’s appear in the lower pane. The reverse happens as well: I’m typing in the terminal pane and it wreaks havoc on my vim pane.

(Jon Seidel) #4

Figured this out a while back, so answering here in case anyone else runs into the problem. It’s an issue with the “synchronize-panes” option, which tells tmux to copy your intput into all panes in that window. The hot-key for that is {Ctrl-S}, so it’s easy to accidentally type {Ctrl-A}{Ctrl-S} when you’re in a hurry… at least that’s what happened to me;

If that happens, simply type another {Ctrl-A}{Ctrl-S} to turn it off. You can also type:

{Ctrel-A}:set-window-option synchronize-panes off

All of this assumes you’ve set your tmux prefix-key to {Ctrl-A}