Uploading PaperClip photo in rspec/feature so that I can test it

I’m driving out a new photo upload feature for a client and can’t figure out how to trigger the file upload in my feature so that I can test it. I see from PaperClip::Shoulda::Matchers how to test it once I’ve got it loaded, but can’t seem to load the file. My feature spec goes like this:

  scenario 'offers an upload item' do
    @accident_report = create :accident_report
    visit accident_reports_path
    expect(page).to have_content "Auto Accident Report List"
    visit '/accident_reports/1'
    expect(page).to have_content "Driver's Accident Report"
    expect(attach_file('upload_file_name', 'spec/factories/test_photo_1.png')).to be_true

The ‘attach_file’ method is from Capybara, but can’t find the field; I get the error:

cannot attach file, no file field with id, name, or label 'upload_file_name' found

I got the same thing if I simply specified ‘upload’ for the file locator.

Edit: I’m guessing this is the approach? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7260394/test-a-file-upload-using-rspec-rails

Edit 2: Got it working with the following:

File.open('spec/factories/test_photo_1.png') { |file| @accident_report.upload = file }
put accident_report_path(@accident_report.id)

PaperClip needs a file handle to work its magic and then update record to persist the information, if needed.

Edit 3: FYI, I am unable to get Capybara’s attach_file method to work. Using:

file = attach_file('accident_report_upload', Rails.root.join('spec','factories','test_photo_1.png'))

just results in a reference to ‘/images/original/missing.png’