Vim with dvorak layout

Hey there!

I’m interested in switching to Dvorak and I’m wondering if its possible without making it too awkward to use vim. Since right now I have the main movement keys are under the right hand. I guess some remapping would have to take place to make vim more comfortable with Dvorak…

Anyone with experience willing to share?

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I use vim with dvorak.

I don’t remap anything.

It’s a slight bummer to lose j, k, and l from the homerow (h is still there), but it’s not really a huge deal. People still cower in fear over my vim proficiency.

:+1: @benorenstein

Don’t remap.

I tend to mentally state my commands while working (e.g., “[d]elete [i]nside [w]ord”). When you remap the homerow, you’re also affecting the displaced keys. [d]elete, [t]ill, and [n]ext are all on the chopping block with no suitable commands-words to associate them to.

I found remapping my mind to be much harder than remapping my fingers.