Surviving Your First Week

Surviving Your First Week Vimtutor We recommend beginning your Vim adventure with the vimtutor. vimtutor will be installed along with Vim so you should be able to start it by simply running the following in your shell. $ vimtutor Vimtutor wil...
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love the opening animation. so GREEN.

Alright you’ve finally convinced me to start the switch process!
I had an error while installing sensible vim with the commands provided. I’m not sure what caused it but the sensible file was filled with web page content.
If this happens to you as well, just go into the file and copy/paste the sensible source code in.

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I have to say, I switched to VIM last year because of @benorenstein’s youtube videos. Productivity went up so much, now I can’t use any old editors I used to use.

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@sageio So sorry for the trouble, and all the worse when we finally got you on board. Totally my fault, I copied the wrong link. Updated now. Should work for you.

I especially like Vim on laptops. I hate trackpads more than mice when it comes working my way around an OS. Vimium is my favorite chrome plugin.

So, I’m about 4 days in and I’m surfing the web all using Vimium now. However, the staggering amount of VIM commands is still intimidating. How long did it take you guys if you code every day to get back to Sublime Text levels of productivity and beyond?

I’m almost done with the Onramp to Vim. But I just realize there is a super long VIM track on Upcase. OMG OMG. x_X

I miss working on actual code. I’m afraid Ill wreck havoc on my real stuff by being wreckless in VIM lol.

Just a quick tip, If you are not using US keyboard layout (like me), there is no way to press kntrl + ] :smile:
You need to fix this on ~/.vimrc :

map <C-b> <C-]>

I use kntrl + b instead of kntrl + ].

What do you recommend for dvorak users? I’ve always just used the arrow keys since j, k and l aren’t on the home row and remapping everything would probably cause pain down the line with extensions and such.

@r00k is actually a Devorak user, but I believe he uses the standard key bindings, largely for the compatibility reasons you state. It always throws me for a loop when we’re recording and I see his hands going to obviously wrong keys :slight_smile: