Thanks for The Art of Vim

Just wanted to thank thoughtbot and @benorenstein for let us make eye contact and giving a sweet introduction to the Art Of Vim.

I am just not sure if I want to see under your smoking jacket…

But I look forward to attempting to transfer from Sublime to Vim or at least use Vim commands in sublime for now.


at least us Vim commands in sublime for now

This was how I finally converted to Vim full-time. Sublime’s Vim mode was just enough that I wanted more, but it couldn’t deliver.

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I hated Vim for my first few days! I was at a hackathon and actually left half way through because I was so frustrated by my inability to properly navigate between normal and insert modes. It wasn’t until I played a few solid hours of vim-adventures that I realized how fun Vim can be.

If the intro video is any indication, the Art of Vim will also be an awesomely fun way for beginners to get the Vim bug!

Dude (assuming I can call you, Dude, it seems appropriate here)… you are stinkin’ hilarious! Love your videos…

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I have been using vim for the better part of the last 3 years and I still found some awesome tidbits from a few episodes in the series already. Awesome stuff all around.

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Like the relative line and the function. You can also do a :line_number without switching line number mode

Thanks! :slight_smile:

In fact, combining relativenumber and number gives me the most of the experience, since the “zero” line now shows the absolute number and helps me to better locate inside the file.

Yeah! @benorenstein was so great in that video! hahaha! :smile: