Art of Vim Suggestion/Request/Offer

It would be super awesome if there were perhaps a show summary for each of the videos. Perhaps as simple as a “cheat sheet” of the commands covered in each episode.

Is there a way we, as a group (or even me by myself) could create that content to be added in the show page for each video? The screencasts are great, but it would be nice to have a little cheat-sheet /command summary for each one. A consolidated list is somewhat helpful, however by only having the cheat sheet relevant to each episode, the pieces would be easier to digest.

@benorenstein what do you think? I would be happy to do the work and add the code to the relevant views to show that stuff… I just want to see if that’s useful before doing the work and doing the pull request for Learn.

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I think that’s a great idea!

If you do it, I’ll merge it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Terrific idea, @briandear; holler if I can help!