Weekly Office Hours

Don’t forget about office hours on Friday, which have been moved to a campfire chat room, occur three times throughout the day, are staffed by thoughtbot designers and developers, and are open to all subscribers, not just those actively in workshops. Office hours occur each Friday at these three times:

  • 10:30am Central European
  • 10:30am US Eastern
  • 4pm US Pacific

You can find the link to office hours on your dashboard.

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What happened this morning? No one from ThoughtBot manning office hours at 10:30 EST (7:30am PST)

@JESii I’m very sorry, with a bunch of people being out this week, I was going to cover the office hours today and then my schedule got all turned around because of the storm and school being canceled. I should have done a better job of finding someone else to cover for me or at least communicating the issue with everyone.

We’ll be having the office next office hours as scheduled at 4pm pacific today, @seangriffin will be holding them.

thanks very much for your patience, and sorry again!

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