What if i need an Icebox?

I needed a id_cache_path method a while back (or at least i thought i did)
Now i have to do a little bit of thinking to know why, but i want to keep a note around

I use Trajectory.
Ideas for bigger pictures so i can print a list for a boss
It is now a story, but now the uncertain issues are clogging up
i guess im looking for something like an icebox that pivotal has

Where would you put it or do with it?

I think @cpytel can help here.

Hi @Rockfordal, What is the action item or task you actually need to do?

This sounds like something you would create a Todo item for and it should be prioritized among everything else you are working on, but a little more info about the actual action you need to take will help confirm that.

The thing is that i actually forgot what action i was going to take. Perhaps i was planning to use it to cache individual records on edit and show.

It makes sense to change it to a TODO, and i think you are right on the spot about prioritizing, i have to take some time and learn how to use trajectory as it was intended. And what the dates on top of issues mean.

In case you want to know what index_cache_path does, it invalidates the etag cache (takes special consideration to countercache and elasticsearch.total_entries, updated_at, params and current_user.role).

 def index
    if stale? upitag

  def upitag
    icp = index_cache_path
    if icp.present?
      { last_modified: Userprofile.maximum(:updated_at),
        etag: [icp, current_user, flashrand] }

 # def id_cache_path
 # end

  def index_cache_path
    if params[:nc].present?

def icp_string(p)
    case ctrlconst.to_s.to_sym
    when :userprofile # Elastic + current_user
      p << Userprofile.search({a: 1}, current_user).total_entries.to_s
    when :orgunit, :urform, :activity, :contact, :mpay, :postal, :zipcode
      p << ctrlconst.search(a: 1).total_entries.to_s
    when :bransch # Countercache
      p << Mainbransch.sum('bransches_count').to_s
      p << ctrlconst.count.to_s

  def ctrlconst

  def basecachepath
    p = []
    p << ctrlconst.to_s
    p << updated_int
    p << extraparams
    p << current_user.frole

It sounds like index_cache_path is currently unused?

If that is correct - this is what version control is for - if its unused it should be removed and if its important, it can be brought back.

Yes, i have seen Uncle Bob Martins clean code episode about Form, so i know keeping around commented code is a “no-no” :wink:. But now i can start following Bob’s advice and instead just make them a low prioritized “todo” in Trajectory as you suggested in case id want to ponder about implementing them at a later time :smile:. Sorry for a little bit of jibberish. I guess any where for them to live os better than in the code. Or perhaps its like my old clothes hanging in the closet, i need someone to tell me “throw them out, your never gonna use them” :sunny: .

throw them out you’re never going to use them :wink: