What is the best way to learn iOS and Ruby on Rails backend

I really would like to learn to do this:
facebook login to enter the app, then take its token and send to ruby, then the sever sends me back the user information.

  • also normal username / password log in to Ruby as well.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Miguel Simão

Have you read the iOS on Rails eBook? https://thoughtbot.com/upcase/ios-on-rails-beta

Hi @Miguel_Simaoto be able to do an iOS app with a Rails backend that has both Facebook login and a normal username and password login is a lot of bite off all at once.

Is there something you can not do right now in order to make this easier to tackle? For example, can you just do Facebook login or just normal username and password login?

What is your prior experience with Rails or server side programming?

Hello guys
Thank you very much for your answer.
I have no prior experience with Rails. That’s I bought the iOS on Rails book. So far as I can see is great.
I’m currently developing an iOS app that needs to login to Rails. Since it’s my first time on iOS back ended by Rails I’m having difficulty with that. However the book has helped me a little bit. But still don’t know how to facebook login to Rails.

It seems that you might be biting off too much - iOS and Rails are two very different stacks w/different purposes. Maybe leverage a programming stack for the API where you have experience? Once you feel comfortable with iOS programming, you can re-align your focus to the back-end and learn Ruby/Rails… Thats my opinion. Or just write some very basic dummy API fixtures in Rails for your initial iOS apps to consume…