Learning iOS/Swift development

Hey fellow upcasers, I’m wondering how many people would like to learn iOS/Swift development along with Ruby/Rails?

Count me in :slight_smile:

where do you think you’d start (upcase, codeschool, books, articles, etc.)? or have you already started?

I’m hoping that the lovely people at throughtbot release a Swift update of the ‘iOS on Rails’ book but in the meantime I’m writing a simple app using the some iTunes U courses and the free book ‘The Swift Programming Language’.

I’d love to see an Upcase trail on Swift

A video on swift would quickly be outdated. As someone who writes both swift and ruby, among many other languages – swift just isn’t mature enough, and apple doesn’t hold really any backwards compatibility.

I’ve written an app in swift, and I’ve had to spend days fixing it after each of the last 4 releases because they change the language constructs.

So a trail on swift is viable for one specific version. The language isn’t ready for it considering they’re constantly changing how the language works.

That said, if you spend your time mastering ruby ( not rails but ruby ), you can then learn some Objective-C ( and Java if you want ) and use a thing called ruby motion which allows you to develop applications ( iOS, OSX and Android ) using the ruby language as a wrapper – then compiles down to the native code.