What trail should I start with?

I’m a Java developer that knows a little bit of Ruby, but really want to do a personal project in Rails. What trail is the appropriate trail to start with when trying to learn Ruby on Rails for the first time? One thing I’ve noticed about UPCASE is that trails really aren’t prioritized in any way. Is Rails Fundamentals the one I should start with, or should I go down the Into to Ruby on Rails trail first? Both titles are battling for “Try me first”!

I would recommend the Intro to Ruby on Rails video trail first, followed by Rails fundamentals.

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So I started the Intro to Rails trail, and I already have doubts about what I’m learning. Not that the teaching isn’t good or that I don’t get the material (I do), but because the material is two years old. The course features Rails 3.2, and I believe Rails is now 4.2. I think with the material being two years old that it’s only natural for me to think that I’m probably missing out on new conventions or using deprecated functionality.

Is there a big difference between 3.2 and 4.2?

I took this trail, and most of the content applies today. The biggest change is the use of strong parameters. You can check out the release notes for Rails 4.0 to see all of the major differences. But for this trail, I think this is the only major difference you’ll see.


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